Using an Xbox 360 Controller for mouse input
Dec 30th, 2010
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Last week my brother was trying to use an xbox 360 controller on his PC. There are several great programs for its buttons, such as JoyToKey. However, none of these programs seemed to handle actual mouse movement well. The best I could get out of these was mouse movement similar to an arcade: 8 directions and constant speed no matter how far the analog stick is pushed. After realizing these limitations I thought “Hey, I could make something that fixes this problem.” And so I did.

I made a small program that will map an analog stick to mouse movement. I think this the movement this program produces is as smooth and natural as any can possibly get. It’s sensitive to the amount and real direction the analog stick is pushed, which works great for controlling the mouse. It works with mouse-look in the games that I tested. It lacks any button mapping, but is fully compatible with other mapping programs like JoyToKey. Go download it and give a try: 360-to-mouse.

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